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The 3DLABS Media Processors introduce a pioneering new solution to the challenges faced by designers of next generation handheld devices that need more functionality, higher performance, longer battery life, lower system costs, smaller form factors and reduced development times – while retaining investments in application code. These challenges are met by coupling a highly parallel, fully programmable floating point array with dual ARM® processor cores and integrated peripheral support to provide a complete solution for accelerating applications and media intensive tasks such as video, image, audio and 2D/3D graphics.

Key Features:
Fully programmable array of floating point processing elements
    + Ideally suited to accelerate traditional media processing tasks
    + Video decode/encode, including H.264 and WMV
    + Audio encode/decode and special effects
    + Image and signal processing
    + 2D/3D graphics and compositing, including OpenGL ES
    + Flexibility to adapt to emerging standards and applications
    + Dual ARM® processor cores
    + Fully scalable, multi-tasking low power architecture
    + Direct support of peripherals (including USB, LCD, Image Sensor, Ethernet, IDE and SPDIF)
    + Rich set of CODECs, APIs, libraries and development tools
    + High speed MTP and DRM support
    + Advanced power management

Applications for Digital Media Processing:


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