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3G multimedia mobile phones
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  • Date:2009/1/4
  • Cell Phone Chip breakthrough has been made with the waveguide micro-satellite technology recently announced that The two sides will donate 60 million yuan, to accelerate the development of 3G mobile multimedia chips and terminals. It is learned that this project is supported by the Ministry of Information Industry of the support and access to some special funds. This cooperation will be developed independently of the domestic mobile multimedia in the 3G mobile phone chip, the first application. According to Micro-Star (NASDAQ VIMC) released information Micro-Star has now signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the waveguide. Both sides will work together to develop 3G mobile phones and 3G multimedia chip. In support of the Information Industry Ministry. The two sides will discuss national electronic information industry development fund project -- "3G multimedia information terminals" -- a comprehensive technical cooperation development of standards for 3G multimedia information terminal, which was responsible for developing multimedia system chips Microelectronics, waveguide responsible for the development of 3G mobile terminals. Earlier, the waveguide Microelectronics cooperation with the project has been the development of 3G mobile phones the strong support of the Ministry of Information Industry, which, including a few million dollars from the government''''s financial support. It is reported that this cooperation projects for a total investment of 60 million yuan. Among them, the cell phone chip design input 40 million yuan. investment in the research and development of 3G mobile terminals to 20 million yuan. According to the plan, the two sides will meet an annual production of two million chip 3G mobile multimedia standards films and the time in about three years to occupy over 20% of the domestic market share.

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