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  • Date:2009/1/4
  • At the recently held 2006 (fourth) and the Pan-Pearl River Delta markets integrated circuits solidarity conference Shenzhen IC Industry organized a special signing ceremony. participated in the signing and MPW  including the world''s leading service companies Analysis of product certification and testing services firms. TSMC, SMIC, Chartered Semiconductor, Integrated micro-South integration  core business, and the Hong Kong Science Park. Bao tournament Laboratory, the Ministry of five electronic components, the U.S. Bureau tournament, Bo electronics, developing core technology to power testing certification services company, signed a contract of IC design companies in Shenzhen will facilitate the provision of services.At present, Shenzhen IC industry chain is very sound, in particular the manufacturing industry is seriously lagging behind, IC design services and supporting the missing link. restricting the further development of Shenzhen''s IC design industry. Shenzhen IC Base background of the government''''''''s role in public service platform technology and good public image. Joint extensive international and domestic resources and efforts to create a comprehensive system for IC design. "Zhou Shengxian, director of director of the base notes. Signing conference from the Hong Kong Science Park will be responsible for the transmission of the IC design industry (including components of the IC design sector enterprises) to provide the new services. Science and Technology Parks and technology support enterprises to expand vice president Zhang Shurong, said : "The latest service is provided by an analysis of the material, The purpose of this service is to help the IC design industry will take effect in July this year to deal with the RoHS agreement We will also issue certificates to the test companies. "He also disclosed that Next to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks opened a number of new services. "Next Monday, which is June 26, we will set up a semiconductor IP service center The service center will help the company IC design verification IP, IP integration services, for example, by helping IC companies will be integrated into SoC IP. In addition, the center will also authorized agent IP business help ARM, Cadence and other companies IP authorization. IP certification. Brief Introduction of VSIA cooperation with the United States we are the top goal will be launched in July-August. "He then said that in the second half of the year. Kai Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks will be starting system design center Shenzhen''''''''s IC design companies and help information and communication systems for OEM design; In addition, wireless communications testing centers will be established in August, mainly to provide testing services for 2.5G and 3G. End of the year, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks will set up a "digital video centers" that provide related services. Believe that these new services, coupled with the support from the more well-known international companies. Shenzhen''s IC design industry will be a new leap forward.

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